Garden treasures
for small spaces

Plant Select® Petites  debuts well-adapted, smaller plants that have not yet been readily available to gardeners. Enjoy these treasures in garden situations where small gem-like but tough plants are best suited: troughs, permanent containers, rock gardens, patio gardens, fairy gardens, green roofs, and smaller gardens.

Blue Jazz pinyon pine
Pinus mono Blue Jazz_Kirk Fieseler (1) CROP

Blue Jazz pinyon pine

Pinus monophylla ‘Blue Jazz’

Dwarf conifer
Size: 24″ tall (grows only 1-3″ a year)
Sun: full sun to part shade
Water: dry to xeric
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-7
Culture: well-drained, sandy soil
Rock garden
Large containers
Winter interest

What could be a better choice for beauty and interest year-round in a water-wise garden than a dwarf blue pinyon pine? Slow-growing,  adaptable and durable, Blue Jazz is the most ornamental of the dwarf pinyon pines now available.  A dwarf globe shape, true blue needle color, and xeric nature make this conifer a real winner. It is the perfect addition to any garden that needs a permanent small evergreen presence.

Moroccan pincusion flower
Pterocephalus depressus PK CROP

Moroccan pincusion flower

Pterocephalus depressus

Perennial groundcover
Size: 3” tall x 10-15” wide
Blooms: dusty rose, early summer
Sun: full sun
Water: moderate to xeric
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-8
Culture: Well-drained, sandy soil
Winter interest
Good for containers

This high-altitude native of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains possesses many ornamental characteristics: low mat-like growth with uniquely textured evergreen leaves, short-stemmed pincushion-like dusty-rose-colored flowers, and attractive silvery seed heads. It is truly a four-season stunner. Be sure to plant in well-drained soil with full sun exposure for best performance.

Yellow stardust draba
Draba rigida Kirk Fieseler CROP

Yellow stardust draba

Draba rigida

Size: 2-3″ tall x 6-10″ wide
Blooms: yellow, spring
Sun: full sun to part shade
Water: moderate to xeric
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-8
Culture: well-drained, sandy soil
Good in containers
Winter interest
Attracts pollinators

To appreciate this treasure be sure to plant it in an easily observable site or in a container garden. Its slow growth will reward you with tight green cushions and bright yellow starry flowers in springtime, and tight green cushions nearly year-round. This true miniature will thrive if given a few rocks to nestle up to. Try to isolate it from more vigorous growing plants so that its diminutive, mounding habit can perform its best.

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